What Does a Corporate Video Production Company Do?


I’m often asked “What bits do you and I do when making my online or promotional video?” I’m not surprised. The world of video-for-business, producers and studios is perhaps more like the mysterious broadcasting industry than your own. Although we’ve all heard of “bringing in” a Corporate Video Production Company, most people don’t actually know the scope of the service. Gerry Burke TV is a full service production house. We can take your project from concept to delivery. We can create:

  • Online video explaining your service

  • Promotional video for your product

  • Event video (for example, generating content for your social media channels)

A life spent in front of the microphone means that on-camera interviews, script writing, and voice-over narration is all handled by one point of contact at Gerry Burke TV. The same goes for all shooting and editing. That’s not something all video production companies can boast. From start to finish, Gerry Burke TV manages your project. It’s why we have become the “go-to” Producer of choice for many Marketing, PR agencies and Communication Managers.